Cuando llegué a valencia, I immediately fell in love. Valencia is a city located in ‘la Communidad Valenciana‘ on the east coast of Spain. With a consistent warm climate and constant sunny days, it’s no surprise that Valencia is a major tourist spot in Europe. Hay mucho que ver y hacer en esta ciudad so let’s take a look!

La Playa

When we think of Mediterranean cities, we tend to primarily focus on their beautiful beaches but I can confirm that the beach is only one of the incredible hotspots of this city. La playa más famosa de la ciudad se llama “playa de la Malvarrosa’ due to its close location from the city- a 30 minute tram ride away. You can descansar, tomar el sol o bañarte en el mar.

La Ciudad Vieja (or La ciutat vella in the local language ‘Valencian’)

Like most major cities in Europe, Valencia has an old quarter where you can really discover the historia and cultura behind the city. The best tourist spots here are ‘la plaza de la virgen‘ and ‘las Torres de Serranos.

La Cuidad de las Artes y las Ciencias

As one of the most famous picture spots in the city, the new art and science centre really shows off how important the arts are to the Valencian community. Here is where a lot of concerts, exhibitions and shows take place but don’t forget to go and visit the zoo whilst you’re there! Even on a cloudy day like this photo before, the centre still looks beautiful.

Bueno, I hope you enjoyed your virtual tour to the marravillosa city of Valencia. ¿Quieres visitar Valencia?

2 thoughts on “Valencia

  1. Hola Lucy

    Gracias por tu “blog” – we really liked seeing the photos of Valencia. Could you maybe send a photo of the beach next time? We have a beach here in Prestwick, but the one in Valencia is probably a lot nicer.

    What’s your favourite Spanish food? What is your degree like – is being in Spain helping your Spanish skills?

    Are you enjoying teaching in Spain? What are the kids like and how old are they? Do you think they would like to exchange letters with us if they are about the same age – our class is mostly 14/15 year olds.

    Are you going to stay in Spain for Christmas – what do they do at Christmas in Spain – are there any main differences from Scotland? What are the shops like?

    Hasta luego,

    National 5 Spanish and Mrs Evans 🙂


  2. ¡Hola a todos y todas!

    I actually don’t have a photo yet of the beach so I will have to take one next time I’m there, but I can assure you it’s a little different than the beloved Prestwick beach.

    My favourite tapas is definitely las croquetas de jamón y queso, have you tried them? The story behind the word ‘tapas’ is actually very interesting:
    ‘Tapar’ in Spanish means ‘to cover’ and the original tapas was a piece of bread to stop insects from getting into a customers drink. As time went on, it became more than just bread that covered la bebida and eventually they decided to make tapas something to ‘picar’ (to pick at). That’s why tapas are normally small portions, as it was originally only to cover the top of your cerveza. ¡Qué chulo!
    Being in Valencia has really helped my degree as this is definitely a great city to practise Spanish as los habitantes are happy to let me practise with them.

    Me encanta mucho el trabajo. Todos los niños son muy simpáticos y les interesa mucho el inglés porque es algo nuevo por ellos. I work in a primary school (5-12) and the level of English is very low, so I’m afraid they wouldn’t be able to send letters.

    Espero poder volver a Glasgow por la navidad but I guess I’ll have to wait and see with the pandemic if it is possible. In all honesty, Christmas isn’t the same here and we don’t celebrate it like we do in Scotland. However, there are some mercados de navidad y canciones de navidad en las tiendas. Have you heard the Spanish song ‘Feliz Navidad’?

    Saludos desde Valencia,
    Lucy A


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