La importancia de las lenguas

¿Sabíais que España tiene 4 lenguas cooficiales?: Castellano (or Español as we tend to call it) is the official language in 20 countries/territories. Castilian is the only official language in Spain. The other four listed below are co-official languages. Gallego- With 2.4 million speakers Gallego is spoken in the Galician community.Euskera- A language spoken in … Continue reading La importancia de las lenguas

Navidad y fiestas de fin de año en España

The first thing I noticed about Christmas in Spain is that it bares little resemblance to the Christmas we have in Scotland. El tiempo still feels like late summer, no hay muchos mercados navideños and where we eat mince pies, los españoles comen polvorones. Polvorón (from polvo, the Spanish word for powder) is a delicious, … Continue reading Navidad y fiestas de fin de año en España